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Penis Enlargement Surgery

For men who find penis length or thickness insufficient during erection, penis enlargement surgery offered by our clinic can help you achieve the penis size of your dreams. This surgery, which is frequently preferred today, increases men’s sexual self-confidence while increasing their satisfaction by changing between 2 and 4 cm after the operation.

After penile aesthetic surgery, you will not feel any negative effects on your sexual functions. The success of the surgery lies in the hands of an experienced surgeon. Our clinic is ready to offer you the results you want with its long years of experience and successful surgical interventions.

Penis enlargement surgery is not only an aesthetic choice, but also an important step for your happiness. Our clinic is ready to offer you the best service with its expert team and comfortable environment.

Take advantage of the experience and expertise of our specialist doctors for a bigger and more satisfying penis. We would be happy to welcome you to our clinic. Contact us today to make an appointment or to find out more. It’s time to step into the penis size of your dreams.

What is Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Penis enlargement surgery is an aesthetic intervention that men prefer to increase their sexual self-confidence. This operation usually involves lengthening and thickening the penis, but in some cases only one may be preferred. These options are determined depending on the patient’s preference and personal needs.

When men are often dissatisfied with their penis size, they first look for solutions with medications or natural methods. However, often these methods do not provide adequate results. In this case, penis enlargement surgery, which is a surgical intervention, starts to be considered.

Penis enlargement surgery, which is considered a surgical procedure, is actually quite safe for patients and provides effective results. During surgery, techniques are used to lengthen and/or thicken the penis, so that the desired size can be achieved.

Attempts to enlarge the penis with medication or natural methods usually give short-term results. Furthermore, these methods usually focus on lengthening the penis, not thickening it, and can often cause unwanted side effects. Surgical intervention provides permanent and satisfactory results.

Penis enlargement surgery may sound scary at first, but it is a safe and effective option when performed in the hands of an expert surgeon. In the postoperative period, the patient may have a more satisfied and confident sexual life.

Our specialist doctors are known for their many years of experience and successful results in penile aesthetic surgeries. You can get more information and benefit from customized solutions by contacting him. Achieving your dream penis size is now much closer!

Penis Enlargement Exercises

Penis enlargement exercises are a method that many men have tried to increase penis size. However, it is important that these exercises are done correctly and safely. Some wrong practices can cause harm and lead to undesirable consequences.

Before starting penis enlargement exercises, it is important to learn the right techniques and get information from reliable sources. Incorrect movements or uninformed exercises can lead to serious problems.

A prominent exercise is to pull the penis with the thumb and index fingers in a horizontal position. However, there is no clear evidence on whether this exercise is effective. Also, while it may give short-term results in some people, its long-term effects are limited.

Improper application or exaggeration of penis enlargement exercises can cause damage to the penis. Therefore, it is important to consult a specialist before starting exercises.

Professional guidance and accurate sources of information are important for those who want to do penis enlargement exercises correctly and effectively. False methods should be avoided and information should be obtained from reliable sources.

Our doctors, who specialize in penis enlargement, teach our patients the right exercises and methods. You can be closer to the results you dream of with exercise programs and guidance services specially prepared for you. We are with you on your journey to penis enlargement in a healthy and effective way!

Penis Enlargement Methods

There are many different methods on the penis enlargement journey. These methods fall into two main categories: surgical and non-surgical. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Surgical methods include penis lengthening and thickening surgeries. These surgeries usually offer permanent results, but carry surgical risks. When performed by a specialized surgeon, these methods can be effective and achieve the desired result.

Non-surgical methods are based on exercises, devices or various treatments. Exercises are often used to increase the length of the penis, but the results can be variable and may not last long. Devices and vacuum therapy can provide temporary growth by increasing blood flow, but they do not promise lasting results.

New technologies such as shock wave therapy and P-shot are gaining popularity in the field of penis enlargement. These methods are generally less invasive and do not carry surgical risks. However, more research is needed on its effects and long-term consequences.

Taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of each method, it is important to choose the one that best suits one’s needs and preferences. Our clinic can help you determine the most suitable penis enlargement method for you and we can support you to achieve the desired result with our expertise. Contact us for a healthy and satisfaction guaranteed penis enlargement experience!

How Is Penis Lengthening Surgery Performed?

Penis lengthening surgery is a method preferred by many men to increase penis size. This operation is performed in two ways, lengthening and thickening, and is performed with a method determined according to the needs of the patient. The patient’s condition is evaluated before surgery and the most appropriate technique is determined. Here are some methods used in penis lengthening surgery:

  • Suspensor Ligament Laceration
  • Supra-pubic Liposuction
  • Supra-pubic V-Y Plasty
  • Peno-scrotal Plasty

A detailed preliminary examination is performed before penis lengthening surgery and the most appropriate method is determined according to the patient’s condition. The expert team of our clinic achieves successful results by using the most effective and reliable techniques in accordance with the needs of each patient. We are here to ensure that you get the penis size you dream of with treatment plans specially prepared for you.

1 - Ligamentolysis (Ligament Cutting Surgery)

We men only see the outer part of our penis. There is also a continuation of the penis attached to the pubic bone called the kurura. The logic in this surgery is to obtain a longer appearance in the penis by separating the fundiform and suspensor ligaments that hang the penis to the pubis, that is, the pelvis. We combine this method with V-Y plasty, the most commonly used skin advancement technique. To prevent the penis from escaping backwards, the pubic bone is sutured using Scarpa’s fascia, which we call inverting suture, or the fascia or tissues next to the inguinal cord. With this technique, since we close the area between the penis and the pubic bone, the penis does not escape backwards. We achieve an average extension of 1.5 cm – 4 cm.

The extension takes approximately 30 minutes. The rate of penile elongation is directly proportional to the depth and width of the ligaments. This lengthening technique is the technique in which the invisible part of the penis is removed and visually active lengthening is achieved.

2 - Suprapubic Liposuction/Lipectomy

The upper part of the penis is called the pubic area (groin area). The fat in this area covers the penis and obscures its main visibility. Patients with this kind of complaint usually tell us that “when I sit down, my penis goes inside”. The removal of fat in this area with a closed method using a millimeter incision is called liposuction. If there is excess skin and it is removed by open surgery according to the anatomical condition of the person, it is called lipectomy.

When these fats are removed, the patient’s penis will become more visible. Depending on the anatomical condition and examination of the individual, it is combined with ligamentolysis (cutting of the suspensory ligaments).

Since the lymph tissues in the pubis region are high, it is quite natural for edema to occur after the operation. We recommend corset use and rest after the operation.

The operation takes an average of 30 minutes, although it extends in direct proportion to the individual’s pubis, that is, pubic fat.

3 - Penoscrotal Web Correction

This technique is the aesthetic removal and suturing of the curtain-shaped skin between the penis and the bag surrounding the ovary. It can usually occur due to a circumcision error or congenital causes. It illusionally makes the penis look bigger. It is a technique in which a completely passive extension is achieved. Because there is no ligament at the bottom of the penis that hangs or holds the penis. Simultaneous scrotoplasty can also be performed to narrow the bag. Extension with this technique takes an average of 30 minutes. It can be combined with other techniques.

Is Penis Enlargement Surgery a Painful Procedure?

No, it’s not. Penis enlargement surgery is an operation usually performed under anesthesia, so patients do not feel any pain or soreness during surgery. However, some patients may experience mild discomfort in the postoperative period.

Especially after penis thickening surgery, it is possible for patients to feel mild pain in the abdomen in the first weeks. This can be caused by the removal of fat from the abdomen during liposuction. However, painkillers are recommended in such cases to keep our patients comfortable. After penis lengthening surgery, patients are usually not expected to feel any pain in or around the penis.

Recovery After Penis Enlargement Surgery

The recovery process after penis enlargement surgery may differ in each patient, but it should be known that a certain course is generally followed. After the surgery, our patients can be discharged on the same day. However, full recovery can take several weeks.

Immediately after surgery, you should never take a shower. It is important to avoid activities such as showers, saunas and sunbathing, especially in the first week. During this period, the surgical site should be treated sensitively to rest and heal.

Driving should be avoided and traveling should be avoided for the first week after surgery. However, patients whose work does not require muscle strength and who do not strain themselves can usually return to work after 2 weeks. However, it is recommended that patients who work in heavy and fast-paced jobs rest for about 30 days to complete the recovery process.

After 2 weeks postoperatively, our patients can gradually start physical activities. However, care should be taken to ensure that activities are not intense and do not overload the body.

When Should Sexual Intercourse Occur After Penis Enlargement Surgery?

First of all, it should be noted that penis enlargement surgeries are not operations that affect the function of the penis. These surgeries change the physical appearance of the penis but do not affect the tissues, nerves or veins. Therefore, there is no problem in sexual functions after these operations.

Problems such as erection problems, premature ejaculation or decreased sexual desire are not expected after surgery. Penis enlargement surgery only aims to improve the aesthetic appearance of the penis and does not directly affect sexual performance. These operations do not solve or eliminate existing sexual problems.

However, some patients can also undergo a different procedure, the happy wand surgery, if they wish. This surgery is performed to improve sexual performance and solve erection problems. However, it should not be confused with penis enlargement surgery, because their purpose and results are different.

As a result, there are no specific restrictions on when to start sexual intercourse after penis enlargement surgery. However, it will be appropriate to start sexual activity when the person feels comfortable and the healing process is complete.