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Penis Prosthesis

It is the last-line treatment option and the most successful one for people who are not successful with other treatment options or who cannot use other treatment options. It is the process of surgically inserting prostheses into the pipes (cavernous bodies) that provide erection in the penis.

– The success rate is very high (95-99%).

– Commonly used prostheses are the semi-rigid, silicone type and inflatable or hydrophilic prostheses.

– The sexual partner gets more satisfaction. With penile prostheses, both the man and his partner get more pleasure from sex as the necessary hardness is achieved.

– In developed countries, 3-piece inflatable penile prostheses are generally preferred. After 3-part penile prosthesis applications, patient and spouse satisfaction reaches 90%.

– Inflatable prostheses are more expensive and are inflated at the time of sexual intercourse, and can be returned to their previous state after intercourse.

– Operations can be performed under general or regional (spinal/epidural) anesthesia. These prostheses can be inserted through an incision of about 4-5 cm by entering under or above the root of the penis. It is sufficient for the patient to stay in the hospital for one day after surgery. In prostheses inserted through sub-penile incisions (scrotal), the incision scar is almost invisible.

– It can also be used in patients with erectile dysfunction with penile curvature and/or pain during erection (Peyronie’s).

– Penile prostheses are not noticeable from the outside. It does not cause any problems with the sexual partner during sexual intercourse. Especially with pump and bendable prostheses, it is almost impossible to tell your partner that you have a prosthesis unless you tell them.

– Penile prostheses only provide sufficient hardness for sexual intercourse. It does not affect ejaculation or childbearing.

What is a Penis Stick? Are There Varieties?

The penis rod is a medical device that offers a highly effective and permanent solution in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This device helps to achieve anatomical hardening and can be applied after a short operation. The satisfaction rate is quite high and allows patients to regain their sexual health.

Penis sticks are generally divided into two main types: those that can be bent and those that can be inflated.

Inflatable Penis Prosthesis

Three-piece inflatable penis prostheses provide erection after being inflated several times with the help of a pump. This type of prosthesis can be used in both semi-rigid and full rigidity. It can be adjusted according to patients’ needs and preferences, thus offering a more natural experience.

Bendable Penis Prosthesis

One-piece bendable penile prostheses are suitable for long-term use and cost-effective. It is free of mechanical parts and therefore durable and reliable. The patient can easily use the prosthesis and make the penis hard in a natural way when needed.

Penile rod therapy has been successfully practiced for many years and is considered an effective option in the fight against erectile dysfunction. You can regain your health and step into a happy sexual life with penis prosthesis surgeries performed by our specialist doctors in our clinic. We are happy to support you with our customized solutions.

Who Gets the Happiness Stick?

For people who have erectile dysfunction and do not respond to medical treatments or vacuum devices, the joy stick is surgically implanted. Patients who do not achieve the desired erection despite these solutions may consider the happiness stick treatment. However, this decision is taken after a detailed examination by our doctor and a joint decision.

We recommend that patients first try milder interventions and consider appropriate treatment options. However, if the desired result is not achieved despite these treatments, the insertion of a joy stick may be considered. At this point, our physician determines the most appropriate treatment option, taking into account the patient’s health status and specific needs.

The happiness stick is an effective option to improve patients’ quality of life and enable them to regain their sexual health. With these operations performed by our specialist doctors in our clinic, we offer a special and reliable treatment to our patients. We are here to identify the right solution for you and help you regain your health.

Erectile Dysfunction / Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common condition in men and can be caused by a variety of factors. Diabetes, spinal cord injuries, neurological problems such as multiple sclerosis, serious injuries and some chronic diseases can cause erectile dysfunction. Bad habits, such as smoking, can also trigger this problem. Psychological factors such as lack of physical activity, stress, anxiety and depression can also affect erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction can negatively affect sexual life and cause anxiety when it becomes recurrent. In cases where medical treatments are inadequate or the process is prolonged, penile prosthesis can be considered as a surgical option. This treatment offers an effective solution to permanently solve erectile dysfunction.

In our clinic, we offer our patients a healthy and satisfaction-guaranteed treatment with penis prosthesis operations performed by our specialist doctors. You can contact us to create a customized treatment plan and solve your erectile dysfunction permanently. We are happy to help you to have a healthy sex life.

How Do I Choose the Most Suitable Happiness Stick?

The choice of the happiness stick should be made taking into account the individual preferences of the person and the doctor’s recommendations. There are several important factors in this selection process.

  • Doctor’s Advice: First of all, it is important to seek advice from a qualified doctor. Your doctor will assess your health condition and help you determine which happy stick best suits your needs.
  • Personal Preferences: When choosing between the varieties of the happiness stick, you should consider your personal preferences. There are different types of happy sticks: inflatable and bendable. It is important to determine which type better suits your lifestyle and preferences.
  • Health Status: Your health status plays an important role in determining which type of happy bar is more suitable for you: Your doctor will assess your health history and recommend the most appropriate option.
  • Surgical Technique and Process: The experience of the doctor who will perform the surgery and the surgical process should also be taken into consideration when choosing. Penile prosthesis surgeries performed by specialist physicians in our clinic are performed safely and effectively.

You can come to our clinic and talk to our doctors to choose the most suitable happiness stick for you. By choosing the most suitable option in line with your health history and preferences, you can step into a healthy and satisfaction-guaranteed treatment process. Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

How is Happiness Wand Surgery Performed?

Happiness wand surgery is a specialized surgical procedure to treat sexual dysfunctions. In our clinic, these surgeries are performed safely and effectively by specialist physicians. Here are the details of the happiness stick surgery:

  • Preliminary Examination: When you decide to have a happiness stick surgery, a detailed preliminary examination is first performed by our specialist physicians in our clinic. During this examination, your current health condition, previous treatments and the expectations of the surgery will be discussed in detail.
  • Information: After the examination, our doctor will inform you in detail about the pre- and post-operative process. Information is given about how the surgery will be performed, the prosthesis models to be used and the postoperative healing process.
  • Surgery: The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The three-part inflatable penile prosthesis is inserted through small incisions in the skin. These incisions are usually made on the penis, scrotum and lower abdomen. No tissue is removed during surgery and blood loss is minimal.
  • Discharge and Recovery: After surgery, our patients can be kept under observation in the hospital on the same day or overnight, depending on the doctor’s recommendation. For 3 to 4 weeks after surgery, mild pain, bruising or swelling may be observed at the incision sites. However, painkillers recommended by your doctor can be used for such discomfort.

After happiness stick surgery, the quality of life and sexual health of our patients improves significantly. In our clinic, our specialist physicians work to support our patients every step of the way and achieve the best results. All you have to do is contact us to step into a healthier life.

Is the Happiness Stick Visible from the Outside?

An important issue that patients wonder after penile prosthesis surgery is whether the prosthesis will be visible from the outside. Thanks to the operations and technologies used in our clinic, it is aimed for our patients to achieve a natural appearance.

Penile prostheses are usually made of hard plastic material and are specially designed to provide a natural appearance. However, in some cases there may be slight bending or shape changes after the implantation of the prosthesis. In this case, the prosthesis may be noticeable from the outside.

Nevertheless, depending on the characteristics of the prostheses used and the anatomical structure of the patient, this noticeability is often minimal. In addition, surgical techniques and prosthesis selection are carefully done to give the prosthesis a natural appearance.

Most of our patients report a significant improvement in their sex life after using the joy stick and are satisfied. With proper care and management in the postoperative period, it is seen that the prosthesis has a structure that provides minimal discomfort to the user and offers a natural appearance.

In our clinic, our specialist physicians approach the needs of our patients carefully and meticulously and offer the most appropriate solutions. If you would like more information about penile prosthesis surgery or would like to request a consultation for the surgery, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help you to live a healthier and happier life.

Is the Happiness Stick Successful and Does It Give Pleasure?

The happiness stick is an effective solution for people with erectile dysfunction and research confirms the success of this method. The results of these operations performed in our clinic show that our patients and their spouses are generally satisfied.

According to the researches, the satisfaction rate of the patients after the happiness stick operation is quite high. The success rate of this operation varies between 90% and 95% compared to other treatment methods. This suggests that the happiness stick is a reliable option for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

It is reported that patients and their partners are satisfied and satisfied with their sexual relations after the operation. Studies have shown that 93% of patients are satisfied and enjoy sexual intercourse. This suggests that the happiness stick not only solves the erectile dysfunction, but also helps to regain a satisfying sex life.

In our clinic, our specialist physicians carefully approach the needs of our patients and perform the happiness stick operation in the most effective and reliable way. If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction and would like more information about the happy stick treatment, do not hesitate to contact our team of experts. We will be happy to help you to have a healthy and happy sex life.

Is Penis Prosthesis Risky?

While penile prosthesis surgery is an effective option to solve erectile dysfunction, as with any surgical intervention, it may involve some risks. However, when done correctly and under appropriate conditions, these risks can be minimized.

Risk of Infection: As with any surgical procedure, there is a risk of infection in penile prosthesis surgery. However, this risk can be significantly reduced by sterilization measures and ensuring hygienic conditions.

Risk of Failure: Although penile implants are usually made of durable materials, there is a risk of malfunction. In this case, surgery may be required again to replace or repair the implant. However, operations performed by expert surgeons and the selection of quality implants minimize this risk.

Risk of Infection and Adhesion: Although rare, complications such as penile implants causing infection and adhesion to the inside of the penis can occur. However, with experienced surgeons and proper treatment planning, such risks can be avoided.

In our clinic, penile prosthesis surgeries are performed by specialist surgeons and are performed in accordance with the latest technology and hygiene standards. The health and safety of our patients is always our top priority. For this reason, a detailed evaluation is performed prior to penile prosthesis surgery and patients are given detailed information about the procedure. Risks are minimized by following up the patient after surgery and providing support when necessary. We are here to offer you a healthy and satisfying sex life.

When Can I Have Sexual Intercourse After Happiness Wand Surgery?

The process of returning to sexual intercourse after happiness stick surgery may differ for each patient. In general, however, a certain amount of time is required for recovery and adaptation after the operation.

The postoperative recovery period usually ranges from 4 to 8 weeks. During this period, your body is expected to fully heal the surgical site and the swelling should go down. Your physician will inform you when you can start sexual activity according to your condition at the postoperative controls.

Here are the points you should pay attention to in the process of returning to sexual intercourse:

  • Follow the Physician’s Instructions: In the postoperative period, it is important to follow your physician’s recommendations exactly. Keep up with the checks and follow the instructions carefully.
  • Wait for the Recovery Process: Do not rush the postoperative recovery process. Wait for your body to fully recover and do not have sexual intercourse without your doctor’s approval.
  • Try Comfortable Positions: When you start sexual intercourse, choose comfortable and relaxed positions to avoid damaging the surgical site. Avoid overly forceful movements.
  • Feel Free to Ask Questions: Do not hesitate to consult your doctor if you have any concerns or questions. They will support you and provide you with the necessary guidance.

Be patient in the postoperative period and allow time for your body to heal. When you follow your doctor’s recommendations, it will be easier for you to have a healthy sex life. We are always happy to support you for a healthy and satisfying sex life.

Can I Have a Child After Penis Prosthesis?

We would like to share important information for those who are concerned about having children after penile prosthesis surgery. In people with penile prosthesis, the presence of the prosthesis does not adversely affect the ability to reproduce.

After the surgery, people with penile prosthesis can have normal sexual intercourse and have children naturally. The prosthesis has no effect on sperm motility or sperm production. Therefore, it does not affect the sperm’s ability to unite with the egg.

In addition, there is no urine output problem after penile prosthesis operation. The prosthesis does not block the urinary tract or bladder and does not obstruct the flow of urine.

Therefore, penile prosthesis does not have any negative impact on the reproductive ability of people with penile prosthesis. After the surgery, you can return to normal sexual activities and have a healthy child.

If you have any reproductive concerns or questions, our specialist physicians will provide you with the necessary guidance and support. We are always with you for a healthy and happy family life.

Happiness Stick Prices and Does SGK Cover It?

Happiness stick prices vary according to people’s needs and preferences. For this reason, a detailed evaluation is made before the penile prosthesis operation and a special pricing is offered to you. Prices are determined according to the characteristics of the prosthesis, its brand and the duration of the hospital stay. However, given the competition among health care providers, there are clinics that offer affordable price options.

Within the scope of the SSI (Social Security Institution), in some cases, some of the costs arising from the penile prosthesis operation can be covered. The extent to which the SSI supports such treatments varies depending on the patient’s health condition, needs and protocols. For detailed information, you can contact the SSI or check the coverage of your health insurance.

You can contact our expert team to get detailed information about the penile prosthesis operation, to learn about pricing and to find out whether it is covered by the SSI. Our medical team is available to offer you the most suitable solution and guide you on the cost of the operation. We will be happy to help you to live a healthy and happy life.