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Penis Extension

For men who do not have the ideal penis size, penis lengthening surgery with pubic liposuction has long been a preferred treatment method. Penis length is an important factor during sexual intercourse. The average penis size of 11 to 13 cm in erection may be unsatisfactory for some men. However, with the development of modern medicine, there is now a solution to this situation.

Penis lengthening surgery is a method that allows the penis size to be aesthetically and functionally improved. With this treatment we offer in our clinic, we increase the self-confidence of our male patients and positively affect their sexual life.

Our expert teams create a treatment plan with a personalized approach for each patient. Careful follow-up is provided for the comfort and satisfaction of our patients in the postoperative period. It is now possible to achieve your dream penis size. You can get more information and apply by contacting us. We are waiting for you with our aesthetic and health-oriented approach.

What is Penis Lengthening Surgery with Pubis Liposuction?

Genital aesthetic applications specially designed for men are one of the most effective methods to increase penis length. These treatments are performed based on normative penis sizes and can significantly improve patients’ sex life. It is thought that the ideal penis size and thickness should be achieved to satisfy the partner.

Penis lengthening surgery is one of the most successful penis enlargement methods performed with liposuction technique. Penis lengthening surgery is one of the most successful penis enlargement methods performed with liposuction technique.

Compared to other ambitious penis enlargement methods, the technique of penis lengthening with pubic liposuction is one of the most reliable options. This method is performed by injecting fat tissues taken from the pubic area into the penis. This technique, which we offer in our clinic, is one of the most successful treatments in the field of genital aesthetics and is carefully applied to ensure the satisfaction of our patients.

You can contact us to learn more and get your dream penis with this reliable solution. We would be happy to help you to have a healthy and happy sex life.

How is Pubis Liposuction Penis Lengthening Surgery Performed?

Among the penis thickening and enlargement methods, the fat injection technique has an important place. Penis lengthening surgery, which is very popular today, is performed in combination with liposuction, which makes the results more impressive.

The first step with this technique is for the patient to undergo a thorough pre-examination. Patients who cannot reach the ideal penis length can start the treatment process by applying to our clinic. If the patient’s general health condition is appropriate as a result of the preliminary examinations, a personalized treatment plan is created. A different approach may be required for each patient in genital aesthetic applications.

When using the liposuction technique for penis enlargement and lengthening, the patient is usually given local anesthesia or sedation. It is unlikely to feel pain or soreness in such procedures. Patient comfort and safety during surgery is always our top priority.

Generally, penis lengthening surgery with pubic liposuction takes about 1-2 hours. Fat tissues taken from the pubis area are placed into the penis with a special injection to lengthen the penis length. During this process, all necessary precautions are meticulously taken to ensure the patient’s comfort.

If you want to achieve the ideal penis size and improve your sexual life, you can contact our clinic and we can create a customized treatment plan for you. We are here for a healthy and happy life!

In Which Situations Can Penis Lengthening Surgery Be Performed?

Penis lengthening surgery is a treatment method preferred in various situations to bring the size of the penis to ideal dimensions and improve the sexual life of patients. Generally, such genital aesthetic applications can be considered in the following cases:

  • Hormonal Imbalances: If the penis is not the ideal size due to hormone imbalances, penis lengthening surgery may be an option. Hormone irregularities can affect penile development and may require surgical intervention.
  • Damage after prostate surgery: In some cases, the penis may be damaged after operations such as prostate surgery. In this case, penis lengthening surgery may be considered to restore the size and functionality of the penis.
  • Congenital Anomalies: Some congenital conditions can cause the penis to not be the ideal size. In this case, surgical intervention may be possible to correct the size of the penis and improve the patient’s quality of life.
  • Chromosomal Abnormalities: Chromosomal disorders can prevent the penis from developing normally. In this case, penis lengthening surgery can be considered to bring the penis to the ideal size.

We can apply penis lengthening treatments to our patients who apply to our clinic for various reasons such as the situations mentioned above. However, our patients who apply for genital aesthetic applications must be adult individuals. In addition, we do not perform genital aesthetic operations on patients under the age of 18 unless there is a vital situation. You can also apply to our clinic for a healthy and satisfying sexual life!