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Penis Prosthesis

Penile prosthesis is a method used in cases where other treatment options have failed or are not suitable and is considered the most effective solution.

  • Erectile Implants: Penile prosthesis surgery involves the insertion of erectile implants into the cavernous bodies inside the penis. These implants contain tubes that allow the penis to harden when it is erect.
  • High Success Rate: The success rate of penile prosthesis surgery is quite high, usually between 95% and 99%. This means that patients regain their sexual function and their satisfaction increases.
  • Various Implant Options: Commonly used penile implants include semi-rigid, silicone-type and inflatable implants. In developed countries, 3-piece inflatable implants are usually preferred and the satisfaction of patients and their partners can be up to 90%.
  • Discreet and Comfortable: Penile prosthesis surgeries are usually performed under general or regional anesthesia and inserted through a small incision. One night in the hospital after surgery is sufficient and the scars are usually invisible. Therefore, the implants do not attract attention during sexual intercourse and do not cause any problems between partners.
  • It does not affect other sexual functions: A penile prosthesis only provides an erection for sexual intercourse and does not affect ejaculation or the chance of having children. Therefore, it is a reliable option for patients seeking to restore sexual function.

Penile prosthesis surgery can be a promising solution for patients who have lost sexual function. With this treatment carried out by our expert team in our clinic, you can return to a healthy and satisfying sexual life. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about customized treatment options.