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Penis Tip Filler

Procedures we use to help prevent premature ejaculation (penile head filling and others)

Penis head filling is a procedure that we apply to our patients who experience premature ejaculation and think that the penis head is small.

Premature ejaculation is a problem seen in 70% of our society. The most important point here is to re-establish the correct communication between the brain and the penis through correct sexuality information, sexual therapies and psychological counseling. This process helps us in behavioral theory.

The most sensitive part of the penis is the glans penis. The second sensitive area is the tongue-shaped area just below. The third area is the area where the bag surrounding the testicles meets.

There are several techniques to reduce this sensitivity. The most common procedure we perform is penile head filling. This procedure is a comfortable and result-oriented procedure with local anesthesia under clinical conditions. We aim to reduce sensitivity by increasing the volume per penis with the individual’s own fat or fillers.

After this process, the maintenance is explained in detail and followed up by our expert team.

Neurotomy is the procedure of cutting the nerves to the head of the penis. Some of our clients describe ejaculation as soon as the penis touches the vagina and the sensitivity is very high. This is called “glans penis hypersensitivity”. In a procedure that takes about 20 minutes under local anesthesia, the nerves that provide the sensitivity of the glans penis are cut. Since this process is irreversible, the process is completed by establishing the right communication with individuals.

Phreniloplasty is the process of removing the tongue-shaped skin protrusion located at the bottom of the penis head at 6 o’clock and suturing it aesthetically. Other minor applications can be made according to the sensitivity of the penis.

Most importantly, however, it is absolutely essential that these treatments are carried out simultaneously with sexual therapies.

What is Penis Tip Filling?

Penis tip filling is an effective method used by men to improve their sexual life and increase their self-confidence. It is performed through a simple injection procedure and helps to increase the thickness of the penis, leading to a more satisfying experience.

In cases such as premature ejaculation problem or penis not being in ideal size, penis tip filling may be preferred. Because it is important for the partner to be satisfied and enjoy during sexual intercourse. Factors such as the ideal thickness of the penis and the duration of ejaculation also affect the quality of the sexual experience.

Penis size plays an important role, not only physically but also psychologically. Therefore, insufficient penis thickness can lead to self-confidence problems in men. However, with applications such as penis tip filling, these problems can be easily eliminated and a more satisfying sexual life can be achieved.

The penis tip filling procedure performed by our specialist doctors in our clinic allows our patients to reach the thickness they want. You can also apply to our clinic for a more satisfying sexual life and get detailed information about penis tip filling.

Why Penis Thickness Matters

Penis thickness plays an important role in sexual experience and positively affects men’s sex lives. Having ideal penis sizes increases the sexual satisfaction of both the individual and their partner. But the thickness of the penis is important not only for sexual pleasure, but also for psychological and emotional health.

During sexual intercourse, the thickness of the penis allows the partner to better fill the vaginal walls. This helps the partner to enjoy more pleasure and have a more satisfying sexual experience. Also, when the thickness of the penis is better aligned with the partner’s body, sexual intercourse becomes more comfortable and enjoyable.

Penis thickness also has an impact on a man’s self-confidence. Men who worry about not being able to satisfy their partner often face self-confidence problems. This can create stress and tension in the relationship. However, thanks to treatments that increase penis thickness, these problems can be addressed and men can have sexual intercourse with more confidence.

In our clinic, we apply various methods to increase penis thickness and ensure a more satisfying sex life. Thanks to modern and effective techniques such as penis tip filling, we enable our patients to reach the thickness they want. You can also apply to our clinic for a more satisfying sexual experience and get detailed information from our experts.

What is the Ideal Penis Size and Thickness?

Ideal penis size and thickness play an important role in the sexual experience for many men and their partners. Although personal preferences and tastes vary, there are standards that are accepted worldwide.

Racial differences in penis size and thickness should be taken into account. However, there is a generally accepted ideal range. The ideal penis thickness should be at least 10-11 cm when erect. This helps most people enjoy sex more and satisfy their partner.

Penis length is also an important factor. Usually the ideal penis length is measured around 11-13 cm. However, it should be remembered that sexual satisfaction does not only depend on the size of the penis. Communication, understanding and harmony between partners are also important.

In our clinic, we offer various treatment options to our patients who want to achieve ideal penis size and thickness. Our specialists determine the most appropriate treatment plan, taking into account the person’s wishes and needs. For a more satisfying sexual life, you can also apply to our clinic and get support from our experts. A happier sexual life awaits you with customized solutions!

How is Penis Tip Filling Done?

Penis tip filling is an effective treatment method that provides a fuller and thicker appearance of the penis. This is done by injecting materials such as hyaluronic acid or fat injection into the head of the penis.

The procedure starts with a treatment plan that is determined in line with the patient’s needs and expectations. For the comfort and safety of our patients, sedation or local anesthesia is applied during the procedure. After the penis head area is anesthetized, thickening is achieved by injecting filling material.

All patients who apply to our clinic first undergo a detailed preliminary examination. As a result of this examination, a treatment plan is created according to the patient’s condition and wishes. The treatment plan is customized for each patient, aiming to ensure maximum efficacy and safety.

Penis tip filling is a non-surgical method and is performed under sterile conditions in a clinical setting. This procedure, which is meticulously applied by our expert team, offers our patients a fuller and more aesthetic appearance.

For more self-confidence and sexual satisfaction, you can also apply to our clinic and get information and support from our experts. Achieving your dream penis appearance is now much easier and safer.

Penis Tip Filling with Fat Injection

Fat injection technique for penis tip filling is preferred as a non-surgical penis aesthetic method. This method involves injecting fat tissues taken from the patient’s own body into the tip of the penis. Fat injection is usually performed in combination with liposuction.

Before the application, fat tissue is removed from the patient’s belly or legs. These fat tissues are then injected into the tip of the penis to thicken it. Local anesthesia or sedation can be applied for patient comfort during the injection procedure.

Penis thickening with fat injection is usually completed between 45 minutes and 1 hour. The amount of fat tissues injected is calculated taking into account the possibility of some melting after the operation. In this way, the desired thickness and natural appearance is achieved.

Our clinical experts perform the penis tip filling procedure with fat injection meticulously and safely. For a fuller and aesthetic penis appearance, you can also apply to our clinic and get detailed information from our experts. It is now possible to achieve your dream penis appearance with a much easier and natural method.

Penis Thickening with Penis Tip Filler

One of the preferred methods for penis thickening is filling technology. In this technique, hyaluronic acid is used for penis tip filling. Hyaluronic acid is a substance compatible with the body and is widely preferred in the field of beauty and aesthetics. This substance, which is also frequently used in skin filling procedures, is injected into the penis to give it the desired thickness.

Ideal thickness can be achieved by filling the penis tip with hyaluronic acid injection. Thanks to this application, it is possible to achieve effective results in a short time. The filler technique provides permanent thickening without damaging the penis and without surgical intervention.

Our clinical specialists perform penis thickening with penis tip filling meticulously. This application with hyaluronic acid injection offers a safe and natural result. You can contact us to get the thickness you want in your penis. It is important for us to help you achieve your dream penis appearance with our aesthetic and satisfaction-oriented approach.