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Infertility can be a serious concern for couples who wish to have children. However, at our clinic, we offer a range of treatment options that can help you solve this problem.

Infertility is usually associated with insufficient sperm count or poor sperm quality in men. This means that there is insufficient sperm during ejaculation. If a couple has regular unprotected intercourse for one year and cannot conceive a child, infertility is considered a problem. According to studies, 15% of the problem of inability to have children in married couples is due to the male factor.

In order to overcome infertility, a detailed examination is performed by our specialist doctors in our clinic and the correct diagnosis is made. A customized treatment plan will then be created for you. The treatment plan is determined and implemented according to the specific situation and needs of the couple.

Among the treatment options offered at our clinic, there are various methods to overcome the problem of infertility. These include options such as in vitro fertilization, microsurgery and drug treatments. Our specialist doctors are at your side to determine the most suitable treatment method for you and make your dream of having a child a reality.

Remember, infertility is not a barrier and you should never lose hope of having a child. By coming to our clinic, you can get support from our expert staff and feel that we are with you in this difficult process. Take a step towards a healthy future today and get one step closer to your dreams.

How is Interfilitis Diagnosed?

Correctly diagnosing the problem of interphilyte in men is one of the primary goals of our healthcare professionals. In our clinic, a number of effective methods and tests are used to diagnose this problem. These methods are determined specifically for our patients’ conditions and are meticulously applied to achieve the most accurate result.

Common methods used to diagnose interphlebitis include the following:

  • Physical Examination: Our doctors can examine the patient’s genital area and examine the external signs. This examination can help to identify the physical symptoms of the problem.
  • Sperm Analysis: Sperm analysis is used to assess the quantity, motility and morphology of the sperm present in the patient’s ejaculate. This test is an important tool for diagnosing interphlebitis.
  • Hormone Tests: Hormone analyzes can help identify hormonal imbalances or problems with the endocrine system. In some cases, interphily may be caused by hormonal changes.
  • Ultrasonography: Ultrasonography allows a detailed examination of the testicles and surrounding tissues. This imaging technique can help detect abnormalities or structural problems.

Each of these methods can be used to assess the patient’s condition and confirm the diagnosis of interphlebitis. In our clinic, the comfort and health of our patients is always our priority. Therefore, we take a tailored approach to the needs and preferences of our patients during the diagnostic process. It is also important that our patients are informed at every step and that treatment plans are discussed in detail.

Once interphlebitis is diagnosed, our patients are offered the most effective and appropriate treatment options. Our aim is to help our patients regain their health and realize their dreams of having a child. We are waiting for you to come to our clinic to help you with this issue. Take a step today for a healthy future!

Whose Problem is the Problem

Couples who face the problem of not being able to have children usually first want to identify the source of the problem. In this case, the question of which side needs treatment becomes important: male or female? However, due to social pressures, men often avoid being examined. We strive to break these taboos and ensure that our patients can reach us at any time on sexual health issues.

Infertility between couples can often be caused by a problem in the female or male reproductive system. It is therefore important to examine both sides for correct diagnosis and treatment. Early intervention in sexual health problems can prevent more serious problems in the future and give couples more options.

At our clinic, we are here to help you with any difficulties in conceiving a child. Our team of specialists adopts a tailored approach for each patient, working to make the right diagnosis and create an effective treatment plan. Remember, it is the right step to confront sexual health issues and seek solutions rather than remaining silent. We look forward to providing you with the support we can for a healthy future. Contact us today to make your dreams come true!

Early Diagnosis

Early diagnosis is very important in solving the problems of having a child. We must remember that the main thing is not which side it is on, but to identify what the problem is and start treatment quickly. Thanks to early detection, combating infertility becomes much more effective and couples are given more options.

To deal with infertility, it is important that couples work together. Evaluating men and women together provides a great advantage in terms of making the correct diagnosis and formulating a treatment plan. For this reason, it is recommended that couples who are unable to have children apply to our clinic together.

In our clinic, we use the latest methods and technologies for early diagnosis and effective treatment. Our team of specialists takes a tailored approach to each patient, working to find the source of the problem and determine the most appropriate treatment. Our aim is to help couples have a healthy child.

Contact us today to get one step closer to your dream of having a child with early diagnosis. We are happy to support you for a healthy future.

Why Does Male Infertility Occur?

Infertility in men can be caused by a combination of factors. Infertility is one of the most common problems couples face when trying to conceive a child. There are various causes of infertility in men and these causes can generally be listed as follows:

  • Blockage of the sperm duct: Blockages in the sperm duct can cause infertility by preventing sperm cells from coming out normally. These blockages can be caused by various infections, trauma or congenital structural problems.
  • Hormonal Disorders: Disruption of hormonal balance can cause infertility by affecting the process of spermatogenesis (sperm production). Insufficient production or imbalance of important hormones such as testosterone can negatively affect sperm quality and quantity.
  • Genetic Problems: In some men, genetically inherited diseases or genetic defects can affect sperm production or sperm quality. This can lead to fertility problems.
  • Inflammatory diseases: Inflammatory or febrile diseases can damage the reproductive organs and negatively affect sperm production. Infections, especially in the testicles, can cause infertility by disrupting the spermatogenesis process.

In addition to these causes, vascular enlargement in the testicles, such as varicocele, can also contribute to male infertility. However, it is important that these problems are diagnosed early and appropriate treatment methods are determined. At our clinic, our specialized doctors use the latest technologies to identify the causes of male infertility and offer effective solutions. You can contact us to solve your problem and step into a healthy future.

What is the Effect of Varicocele in Infertility?

Varicocele, which is a common condition in men with infertility problems, is a condition that negatively affects reproductive health. Varicocele is caused by enlargement and blockage of the veins around the testicles. This increases the temperature of the testicles and negatively affects the production and quality of sperm.

Varicocele is considered one of the most common causes of infertility. Due to vasodilation and blockages in the testicles, blood circulation is impaired and there is a negative impact on the normal function of the testicles. This can lead to a decrease in sperm production, impaired motility and morphology.

In cases of varicocele, especially on the left side of the testicles, sperm may be carried backwards and accumulate in this area due to blockage in the veins. This can prevent sperm from reaching the normal fertilization process, leading to infertility.

However, there is an effective treatment method for varicocele infertility. With surgical intervention, it is possible to correct the varicocele, normalize blood circulation and ensure healthy functioning of the testicles. With this treatment, sperm production and quality can be significantly improved, thus increasing the chances of couples having a child naturally.

In our clinic, our experienced specialists offer effective solutions to our patients using the most up-to-date methods of varicocele treatment. You can contact us to determine the factors such as varicocele underlying the infertility problem and to evaluate appropriate treatment options. Contact us to take a step towards a healthy reproductive process.

Male Infertility Treatment Methods

The treatment methods we offer for patients with male infertility may vary depending on the specific condition of the person and the causes of infertility. Usually, infertility treatment consists of a series of steps determined by our specialists after the patient has been diagnosed.

Drug Treatment: Depending on the cause of infertility, medications can be used to regulate hormone balance and increase sperm production. In cases such as hormonal disorders or reduced sperm count, medication can be effective.

Surgical Intervention: Physical problems such as blocked sperm ducts or varicocele are common causes of male infertility. In this case, surgical intervention may be necessary. Surgical operations are performed to remove duct obstruction or to treat varicocele.

In vitro fertilization: In some cases, in vitro fertilization may be recommended when other treatment methods are not effective or not feasible. In this method, fertilization is carried out using sperm taken in the laboratory and an embryo is created. The embryo is then transferred to the woman’s uterus and pregnancy is achieved.

Our clinic has a team of specialists to offer individual and effective solutions to our patients during the treatment process for infertility problems. You can contact us for more information about infertility treatment and to discuss your treatment options. Make an appointment today to take steps towards a healthy reproductive process. We are here to create the best treatment plan for you.