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Vaginal Aesthetics

Vagina aesthetics, women pay attention to every detail from their clothes to the external appearance of their bodies. Aesthetic disorders seen in some women in the genital area can cause women to lose their self-confidence. Aesthetic vagina surgeries are among the most preferred operations by women today.

These operations are usually aimed at the outer part of the genital area. Especially in women who give birth frequently, disorders and sagging in the genital area can be seen. These conditions can also develop due to innate physical characteristics.

The most common operations in vaginal aesthetics are vaginal tightening (vaginoplasty) and vaginal labia minora (labia minora).

Aesthetic Vagina Surgeries

Functional operations are vaginal tightening operations performed to correct vaginal problems related to structural changes in women caused by childbirth or other causes. It is one of the most common and preferred aesthetic vagina surgeries. Problems caused by causes such as childbirth and vaginal enlargement can lead to incontinence and other genital disorders. In the case of a prolapsed bladder, the bladder is pulled and suspended above the vagina. This procedure is called anterior repair (Colporrhaphy Anterior). The process of embedding the last part of the intestine in the lower wall of the vagina is called posterior repair. Urinary incontinence usually occurs in women who have had many births. Such operations are quite easy and usually take 30-45 minutes. Uterine prolapse operations are performed in cases where the prolapse is advanced. When the uterus prolapses downwards, there is a risk of prolapse. In these cases, the uterus can be vaginally suspended upwards or removed completely. In young female patients, the uterus is usually not removed, but is fixed by hanging over the upper part of the vagina.

Aesthetic and Functional Vagina Operations

Vaginal dilatation operations are usually performed to solve the problems seen among newly married couples. It is an ideal solution for women who experience pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse, called dyspareunia. With a simple examination, sensitive areas are identified and corrected by numbing these areas. In this way, vaginal enlargement is performed and sexual intercourse becomes possible without any problems.

Labiaplasty is the correction of the inner lips of the vagina. “Labium.” In Latin it means “lips” and is used in the singular, while “labia” is used in the plural and means “lips”. In some women, the inner labia may be structurally more irregular than normal. Asymmetrical inner lips can have psychological effects on the majority of women. Wide or long inner lips can cause discomfort during sexual intercourse. Flabby or long inner lips can lead to fungal infections as a result of excessive sweating.

Such operations can also be performed on girls who are virgins. These operations do not pose any obstacle for those who have already given birth. The operations do not have any effect on the hymen. Psychologically and physiologically, such operations are very beneficial for women.