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Current Solutions to Premature Ejaculation

Current solutions to premature ejaculation can offer several different solutions. The most obvious solution is premature ejaculation surgery. These surgeries are among the most effective methods.

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Premature Ejaculation Current Solutions

In 2022, new surgical procedures have been developed that can help men last longer in bed. Ejaculation surgery involves performing penile operations that help regulate ejaculation.

Another solution is the use of condoms with a cream or spray that men use. This method should be used in every relationship. Otherwise the problem will recur. It is not a permanent solution, but it does not work for some men. The use of other medicines or creams also works in this way. Surgery is your only option to get rid of premature ejaculation completely and permanently.

Each of these solutions has its own benefits and drawbacks. It is therefore important to determine which one is best for you. Solutions to premature ejaculation are developed according to your personal characteristics. It is important to consult your doctor about this.

What should men who ejaculate early do? Current Solutions to Premature Ejaculation

Men who ejaculate early cannot last long enough during sexual intercourse. They can resort to surgeries developed to help with this. Surgery is highly functional in helping men overcome premature ejaculation.

To date, surgery has proven to be safe and effective. It also does not cause any long-term damage. Apart from this, the choice of doctor should be made correctly in order to achieve the desired results.

Current Solutions to Premature Ejaculation

What Causes Premature Ejaculation?

It is estimated that about 50% of men experience premature ejaculation. Despite the prevalence of this problem, relatively little is still known about the causes of premature ejaculation. Some experts believe that there are several factors that can contribute to premature ejaculation, including genetics, age, anxiety and stress.

There is also evidence to suggest that certain medications and lifestyle choices may also be factors that cause PE. Many men, however, get relief from treatments such as medication or therapy if they are aware of the triggers and work to reduce them.